5 Benefits of Becoming COS-C Certified

The Certificate for OASIS Specialist-Clinical (COS-C) exam is the premier test to show your knowledge of CMS’ OASIS guidelines. It demonstrates your expertise and commitment to OASIS data accuracy. The exam is recommended for Home Health Nurses, Therapists, and other home health professionals who conduct comprehensive assessments, score OASIS items, audit clinical records, or educate and orient staff.

Here are 5 benefits to becoming a certified OASIS specialist:

  1. Becoming a part of the COS-C community is an investment in your career that differentiates you from others in your agency, organization and market. It demonstrates your willingness to take action to learn and excel.
  2. The COS-C exam is the premier test of one’s understanding of CMS’ OASIS guidance. The nationally recognized COS-C designation can then be leveraged to increase your credibility with audits, education, orientation, or data collection within your organization.
  3. By attaining and maintaining your COS-C certification, you will establish a solid foundation of knowledge, and a process for regularly updating and refreshing your knowledge, even in the ever-changing environment of OASIS.
  4. Demonstrated expertise in critical areas of home health compliance, quality and reimbursement, are enhanced when you also understand the coding nuances of the OASIS data source those initiatives rely on. Your COS-C designation is the objective indicator that you can bring the OASIS perspectives to the table and contribute to these essential discussions.
  5. Passing the exam means cool initials after your name and a fancy certificate that allows you to proudly display your commitment to OASIS accuracy!

COS-C Exam Preparation

Need to prep for the COS-C exam? It may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry, we have a few suggestions to help you prepare. Here are three ways to get ready for the COS-C exam.

Register for the COS-C exam

There are two ways to take the COS-C exam: paper and pencil or a computer-based test. The format and content are the same for both options.

  1. Paper & Pencil Exam: Register to take the exam following any of our Blueprint workshops held around the country.
  2. Computer-Based Testing: If  you’re not able to attend a Paper & Pencil, register for computer-based testing a testing location nearby.


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