COS-C Exam Renewal

The Certificate for OASIS Specialist – Clinical (COS-C) is valid for three years. You must retake the exam within three years of your initial exam date to maintain the designation and qualify for the discounted renewal rate. There is only one version of the COS-C exam at any given time. Thus, there is no separate certificate renewal exam.

Lapse of Designation

If you do not sit for the COS-C exam within three years of your last successful examination, you are no longer considered a COS-C in good standing and must discontinue using the COS-C designation.

Upon successful renewal testing, you are considered in good standing and may continue to use the COS-C designation behind your name for the next three years.

To check the status of your COS-C designation, including the Expiration Date, visit the COS-C Listing Search page.

Continuing Education

To stay current with the most recent CMS guidance, we encourage all COS-Cs to seek continuing education in OASIS. 

There are no specific continuing education requirements to maintain the COS-C designation. However, we see new updates to CMS guidance every quarter. We highly recommend that COS-Cs choose a strategy for keeping up with these ongoing changes, such as: