Are You Motivating Your Staff with OASIS-E?

An article by the Harvard Business Review noted that,

“As leaders, we’re asked to understand what motivates each individual on our team and manage them accordingly. What a challenging ask of leaders, particularly those with large or dispersed teams and those who are already overwhelmed by their own workloads.” 

Sounds like a familiar conundrum in home health! Especially considering the pressures for accuracy and improved outcomes with the expanded HHVBP Model and the changes brought about by the launch of OASIS-E. The article goes on to discuss the benefits of employees feeling great about the work that they do and feeling that their work matters. It also provides some great tips on how leaders can recognize employee contributions and show appreciation.

Now that we are a month into OASIS-E data collection and starting to get reports to agencies for the HHVBP Model, let’s pause and evaluate how we are doing at educating and motivating for accuracy.

Motivation Begins with Education

We can’t reward or recognize if we don’t first provide education and support. So maybe for some, it’s time to begin by looking at how we are first educating, second supporting, and finally motivating for OASIS accuracy. The rewards could be amazing!

(Note that for HHVBP, the first Pre-Implementation Performance Reports (PIPRs) were posted in iQIES in November 2022. The January 2023 PIPRs were posted in iQIES last week, 1/25/2023. Information related to accessing the HHVBP reports on iQIES is available on the Expanded HHVBP Model website).

OASIS Answers Begin Here

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