CMS Posts HHVBP Annual Report

April 29 2022 |Marian Essey
CMS Posts HHVBP Annual Report

CMS has posted the Fifth Annual Report for the Original Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) Model.  This report provides a detailed analysis of the Model's performance, noting that HHVBP resulted in overall reductions in Medicare spending.  This annual report notes that inpatient and SNF services remained the largest contributors to the overall reduction in average Medicare spending during and following home health episodes of care due to HHVBP.  Also of interest are the findings that there continued to be modest, positive impact on most of the OASIS-based outcome measures and that HHCAHPS measures continued to remain relatively stable during the post-implementation period in both HHVBP and non-HHVBP states. Additional details on the performance of the Model and the quality measures within the Model are available in the Report and the accompanying Technical Appendices

Original HHVBP Model (2016-2021)

Note that the HHVBP Fifth Annual Report represents analysis of the original HHVBP Model that was in place from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2021 for nine randomly selected states.  The HHVBP Model was expanded nationwide in the Home Health (HH) PPS CY 2022 final rule, published on November 2, 2021.  

Expanded HHVBP Model (1st Performance Year beginning January 1, 2023)

On November 2, 2021, CMS published the Calendar Year (CY) 2022 HH PPS final rule establishing the end of the original Model and the start of the expanded Model. The final rule also established HHA eligibility criteria, payment adjustment rates, definition of cohorts, applicable quality measures, and payment methodology. CMS announced that during CY 2022, they will provide HHAs with resources and training to allow agencies time to prepare and learn about the expectations and requirements of the expanded HHVBP Model. The first full performance year for the expanded HHVBP Model is CY 2023, beginning January 1, 2023. Calendar Year 2025 will be the first payment year. More information is available on the Expanded HHVBP Model webage.

OASIS Answers, Inc. - Contracted to Support CMS' HHVBP Original and Expanded Model

OASIS Answers, Inc. has been a proud member of the CMS Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Technical Assistance Contract since the inception of the original HHVBP Model and continues to support CMS and home health agencies nationally in the expanded HHVBP Model.