OASIS-E: Insights from the First Few Weeks

January 16 2023 |Marian Essey
OASIS-E: Insights from the First Few Weeks

By now, most agencies are well into collecting data using the new OASIS-E instrument. But how is it going?  What are the areas that are causing the most questions?  And what are the answers to those questions?  As the premier OASIS educator in the nation, the team at OASIS Answers has relationships with thousands of data collectors. We’ve heard some interesting comments on the OASIS-E transition.  Generally, OASIS-E has had mixed reviews ranging from “It’s so complicated! to “Thanks to the training and prep foundation, we’re finding it a fairly smooth transition!”   

Frequent Comments on OASIS-E Data Collection 

Here are highlights of some of the challenges and bumps in the road we’ve heard about in these first weeks of data collection: 

Feedback on Guidance

  • Not all staff are aware that the Final OASIS-E Guidance Manual was posted. 
  • Some were unaware of the important and significant updates from the draft to the final manual and had some frustrations when getting questions from their auditors.  These then caused some slowdowns in processing the OASIS.  
  • Medications have been a bit of a struggle for some data collectors in understanding the medication classes and indications for N0415 – High Risk Drug Classes: Use and Indications.   

Feedback on Data Submissions and Accuracy

  • There have been a few concerns of possible IT glitches between OASIS-D1 and OASIS-E that agencies are working on with their vendors.   
  • To ensure accuracy, some agencies are manually spot checking their scores for C0500 – BIMS Summary Score and D0160 – Total Severity Score, to ensure the scoring logic is compliant. 

 What can you do NOW to have more efficient and more accurate OASIS-E data collection?  

The first Quarterly OASIS Update of 2023 is scheduled for January 18th.  This first session of the 4 series bundle will highlight the significant changes from the OASIS-E draft to final guidance manual PLUS review all the new OASIS Quarterly Q&As for the questions that have been flying in related to OASIS-E.  When you purchase this bundle BEFORE January 19th, you’ll receive FREE registration and access to the bonus OASIS-E Update; Early Lessons Learned Webinar scheduled for January 30th (12noon ET, 9:00 AM PT).  On this webinar, the OASIS Answers’ Team will go into more detail about OASIS-E issues providers are reporting related to using the OASIS-E resources and evaluating the features of their EMR software related to new OASIS-E items and guidance. Click here to purchase the bundle and get free access to the Early Lessons Webinar. 

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