OASIS-E Training and Tools from OASIS Answers

March 30 2023 |Tiffany Burton
OASIS-E Training and Tools from OASIS Answers

OASIS Answers, Inc.(OAI) simplifies the complex by providing the most up-to-date information on OASIS-E guidance. OAI supports the education, documentation and clinical needs of post-acute care providers, organizations and the government entities who represent, support and regulate them.

7 Ways to Get Up to Date on OASIS-E

  1. The Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy workshop is a nationally acclaimed two-day in-person training. Experience the comprehensive and engaging session taught by our expert presenter team. The Blueprint program serves as the premier review workshop for the COS-C Exam.
  2. The Certificate for OASIS Specialist – Clinical (COS-C) Exam is the premier, nationally standardized, psychometrically validated test that evaluates an individual’s knowledge of CMS OASIS data collection guidance.
  3. The COS-C Exam Cram is a recorded webinar providing an interactive method to have a study refresh session for the COS-C Exam. Included in this two-part webinar are mock exam questions and detailed discussions about the correct and incorrect guidance.
  4. The INSTANT OASIS Answers book contains official Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidance available from the final Guidance Manual and posted OASIS related Q&A documents. The INSTANT book is organized with user-friendly icons and color coding making it an ideal resource to support compliant OASIS data collection and for use during the COS-C Exam.

  5. Quarterly OASIS Update Webinar an ongoing webinar series designed to support home health agencies and providers actively engaged in maximizing OASIS accuracy, efficiency and impact on quality and reimbursement. Available to watch either live or recorded these sessions include valuable handouts and take-away tools for staff education and testing on new guidance.

  6. OASIS Now is a three-part OASIS Now Orientation Series to learn more about OASIS accuracy tips for the OASIS items that are the greatest concern for agencies.
  7. OASIS-E Guidance Manual is the final OASIS-E version of the OASIS data set, for use beginning January 1, 2023. The new manual is available from OASIS Answers in a convenient hard copy, with tab dividers and a sturdy binder for easy reference.

The OAI team is committed to creating and providing programs and tools that simplify the rules, promote compliance, support best practices and result in the achievement of excellent outcomes. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter and sign up for our emails to stay on top of the latest updates.