Home Health Webinars

Home Health Training Webinars

The OASIS Answers, Inc. (OAI) home health training webinars are designed to provide the most innovative training to your clinicians, clinical leaders, quality improvement teams and auditors.  These sessions will ensure that you are aware of and know how to apply the most recent, most relevant, and most accurate CMS home health information.  Topics are based on the issues that are most pertinent to agencies and will be driven by CMS updates or changes that are critical to agency success.  Check out the webinar topics listed below!

Library of Home Health Training Webinars via Recording

JIT_FLAG_RECORDED_TURQUOISE.pngTherapy Tools for Success under PDGM

JIT_FLAG_RECORDED_WISTERIA.pngOASIS Time Points Guidance for PDGM: Successfully Navigating the Transition and Beyond

JIT_FLAG_RECORDED_ACID.pngOASIS Data Collection Implications under PDGM: Newly Released CMS Guidance

JIT_FLAG_RECORDED_MINT.png10 Key Strategies for Engaging Clinical Staff to Manage PDGM Risk 

JIT_FLAG_RECORDED_OAI.pngMedicare Myth Busters: Home Health Coverage Facts and Myths

JIT_FLAG_RECORDED_ACID.pngOASIS GG & M Function Items: Exploring Assessment & Documentation Strategies to Minimize Agency Risk

JIT_FLAG_RECORDED_TEAL.pngExploring the Relationship between the OASIS GG & M Function Items


OAI's reputation as the industry leader in providing creative, timely and accurate CMS-based education and resources will ensure that your training time and dollars are well-spent.

Let OAI help simplify the complex.