COS-C Renewal

COS-C Renewal

The Certificate for OASIS Specialist - Clinical (COS-C) is valid for three years, with renewal testing required within three years of your initial exam date to maintain the designation and qualify for the discounted renewal rate.

Exam Content
There is only one version of the COS-C exam at any given time. Thus, there is no separate certificate renewal exam.

Fee Structure

Pencil & Paper Exam Fee:

PP Exam Fees.JPG 

Computer-Based Exam Fee:

CBT fees.JPG

Remote Online Exam Fee:

CBT fees.JPG

Reduced Certificate Renewal Fees
Renewal rates available only to active COS-C's. One must register for the exam BEFORE the expiration date to qualify for the discounted renewal rate.


Lapse of Designation
If a COS-C does not sit for the COS-C exam by the end of three years after the date of their last successful examination, they are no longer considered a COS-C in good standing and must discontinue using the COS-C designation.
*Upon successful renewal testing, the COS-C is considered in good standing and may continue to use the COS-C designation behind his/her name for the additional period of three years.

* Temporary Grace Period for Testing due to the Coronavirus disruptions:

For those certificate holders who have renewal dates between March 31, 2020 and July 31, 2020, the three-year COS-C designation will be extended for up to an additional six months after the expiration date, as long as PRIOR to the expiration date, the individual has registered for either a Paper & Pencil (P&P) exam, or Computer Based Testing, and successfully completed testing within six months of their expiration date.  

The renewal discount will be available for either renewal registration option.

To check the status of your COS-C designation including the Expiration Date, visit the COS-C Listing Search page.


Continuing Education
In order to stay current with the most recent CMS guidance, all COS-Cs are encouraged but not required to participate in continuing OASIS education. The COS-C designation does not currently carry any specific continuing education requirement to maintain the Certificate for OASIS Specialist-Clinical designation.

Given the dynamic nature of OASIS, it is highly recommended that all OASIS professionals establish a strategy for maintaining awareness of the ongoing changes in CMS guidance.