INSTANT OASIS Hacks Webinar Series

In this series you’ll learn some “behind the scenes” HACKS that OAI’s experts use to organize, highlight, and quickly access key CMS guidance as we teach Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy workshops, conduct audits, and respond to provider questions through OAI’s day-to-day management of the CMS Home Health Quality Reporting program helpdesk.

These hands-on sessions are like no other OASIS training you’ve participated in! Prior to the webinar training sessions, attendees will receive by mail a hard-copy “INSTANT OASIS Hacks Kit” that includes:

  • a copy of the INSTANT OASIS Answers book for 2021
  • the Key Concepts Reference Card
  • 75 Key Concepts tabs to customize your INSTANT book

This is not an introductory OASIS course. Attendees should have at least a familiarity with the OASIS items and data collection rules.

Choose a webinar series:

March 16-17, 2021 ~ 11am-1pm PST /2pm-4pm EST -SOLD OUT

April 12-13, 2021 ~ 8am-10am PST /11am-1pm EST (register by April 2, 2021)

May 6-7, 2021 ~ 12pm-2pm PST /3pm-5pm EST (register by April 28, 2021)


Hacks Presenters 2021.JPG