Hospice QRP

Simplifying the Hospice QRP: Assessment Instruments, CAHPS, and Quality Measures

Differentiate your hospice from others when you become part of the hospice industry’s most valuable learning program on Hospice Quality Measures, accurate data collection, and CMS requirements. Continually updated, this half-day online class will prepare you to understand and successfully manage the complexities of the HQRP. This online educational session will cover details of the Hospice Item Set (HIS) and Hospice CAHPS, as well as updates on the emerging HOPE tool. Led by subject matter experts using guided instruction combined with interactive and memorable problem-solving scenarios, participants will achieve the mastery required for HQRP compliance and success.


Learn from a source you can trust. Rather than provide opinions, assumptions, or unfounded interpretations, the OASIS Answers’ team will model reliance on CMS guidance documents as well as demonstrate and share strategies for how to find defendable answers to your Hospice questions.

Workshop Fees:
$699Webinar Agency AccessReceived 0-365 days in advance
$249Webinar Individual AccessReceived 0-365 days in advance
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