COS-C Exam Paper & Pencil

*The COS-C exam currently covers OASIS-D1 Guidance

Exam Overview

Established in 2004, the Certificate for OASIS Specialist-Clinical (COS-C) exam is the premier, nationally standardized, psychometrically validated test that evaluates an individual's knowledge of CMS' OASIS guidelines.   Domains covered by the COS-C exam include OASIS regulations, data collection time points, patient populations, data collection conventions and OASIS data set item-by-item guidance.  Since it's inception, more than 25,000 candidates have participated in the exam process.

About the COS-C Exam

The COS-C exam was originally developed and administered by the OASIS Certificate & Competency Board (OCCB). The COS-C exam is a voluntary certificate examination available to home care providers interested in demonstrating and establishing their expertise and commitment to OASIS data accuracy. Exam administrators go to great lengths to ensure that the COS-C exam is an accurate reflection of the most current CMS guidance, and that it is administered in a way to protect the integrity of the resulting COS-C designation. This requires vigilance in both exam analysis and proctoring efforts. Candidates agree to respect test integrity by participation in a confidentiality agreement.

The Psychometric Process

The exam items are developed by the COS-C Exam Review Committee, a group of OASIS content experts of varied home health backgrounds and disciplines, who create these items to reflect the OASIS knowledge and skills identified as necessary for competent OASIS data collection.  The test undergoes a holistic review by a psychometrician and the Committee examining the test for accuracy, significance, fairness, and conformity to test specifications.  A rigorous item analysis adhering to psychometric industry standards detects any questionable item performance.  When item ambiguities are detected, the necessary adjustments are made before a passing score is determined.  The COS-C exam is reviewed and regularly updated, including regular item analysis to determine that all test items are performing as originally intended.

This extensive psychometiric process is necessary not only to verify each item as reliable and an appropriate representation of CMS' rules but also to determine that all questions are written in an accurate and fair manner. How a question is asked is as important as what the question is asking. Knowing that the COS-C exam meticulously covers CMS' OASIS guidance is not enough. Only when we statistically verify that each item is psychometrically and technically sound and ensure the test is administered in a conducive and protected environment, does the exam attain credibility; credibility that bestows value upon the resulting COS-C designation.

Paper & Pencil

The Paper & Pencil (P&P) examination is the more common of our two testing methods. P&P exams are held all over the country throughout the year, typically immediately following OASIS training. These exams are sponsored by OASIS Answers, Inc., State Home Care Associations and private Home Health agencies. All candidates sitting for a P&P COS-C exam offered directly after a Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy workshop will be granted a $50 discount toward the COS-C exam registration.  Attendance at the workshop preceding the exam is not required for the discount.

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COS-C Exam Paper & Pencil

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