COS-C Exam- Computer Based Testing

The COS-C Exam covers current OASIS-E Guidance

If flexibility and convenience are what you're looking for, Computer Based Testing (CBT) is an easy choice! CBT is a great option for people who may not have a Paper & Pencil exam (P&P) in their area. CBT candidates will sit for the same Certificate for OASIS Specialist - Clinical (COS-C) exam that is administered at P&P locations.

The CBT exam can be scheduled at one of over 300 testing centers around the country. Each assessment center is a certified testing facility by PSI Services adhering to highest administration standards.

Your name on exam registration must match with your Government issued ID. We send your registration information to our partner, PSI Services. Wait 3-5 business days for the registration to be processed by PSI. You will then receive an eligibility confirmation email from PSI with instructions to schedule the exam. You will be able to select a date and make the exam appointment. 

Please watch this 3-minute video for a quick overview of what to expect during a PSI test center exam session.


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