Get Ready to Review Your January 2024 HHVBP Model IPR

by Elaine Gardner, MS, RN, COS-C, CPHQ, CHPN

Overview of the January 2024 Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) Model Interim Performance Report (IPR).

Preparing to Review Your Home Health Agency’s (HHA’s) January 2024 HHVBP Model IPR
The next quarterly HHVBP Model IPR is expected to be made available in iQIES by the end of January 2024, and will provide feedback to agencies about their quality measure performance. This report provides agencies with an opportunity to assess and track performance relative to peers in their respective cohort.

Additionally, the January 2024 IPR will include even more data for CY 2023 — the first performance year in the Model and the year upon which the adjusted payment percentage will be based for payment year CY 2025.

Each quarterly IPR contains information on interim quality measure performance based on the 12 most recent months of data available and includes:

  • A quarterly update on the HHA’s interim Total Performance Score (TPS)
  • Percentile rankings reflecting HHA performance relative to other HHAs in the cohort
  • TNC Change Reference tab to identify HHA performance on the 9 individual OASIS items included in the two TNC Change measures
  • Scorecard tab to identify how each individual measure contributes to the HHA’s TPS

The January 2024 IPR is expected to include data from the following time periods for the 12 applicable measures in the expanded HHVBP Model measure set:

Performance Report

OASIS-based (5) quality measures Claims-based (2) and HHCAHPS Survey-based (5) quality measures 
January 2024 IPR 10/1/2022 – 9/30/2023 7/1/2022 – 6/30/2023 

Will the HHVBP Model IPRs “mirror” the other HHA reports on iQIES? The answer is “no” since there are some important differences among reports currently available on iQIES, and the HHVBP Model-specific performance reports. The Model reports:

  • Use performance in the applicable measures identified in the Model measure set to calculate the HHA’s TPS (interim in the IPR)
  • Provide a peer-ranking when compared to other competing HHAs within the same volume-based cohort
  • Inform the HHA of the percentage of quality episodes in which there was no change, positive change, or negative change for each of the nine OASIS items used in the two TNC Change measures

Differences in the iQIES reports and the HHVBP reports may also result from the different data collection date ranges used in reports as well as risk adjustment. For example, the iQIES Review and Correct Reports use observed measure values and expanded Model performance reports use risk adjusted values.

What can our HHA do if we think there is an inaccuracy in the IPR?

The first version of the quarterly IPR is the Preliminary IPR and provides HHAs with the opportunity to submit a recalculation request if the agency believes there is evidence of a discrepancy in the calculation. To dispute the calculation of the performance scores in the Preliminary IPR, an HHA must submit a recalculation request within 15 calendar days after publication of the Preliminary IPR. HHAs may submit requests for recalculation by emailing Recalculation requests must contain the following:

  • The HHA’s name, address associated with the services delivered, and CMS Certification Number (CCN)
  • The basis for requesting recalculation to include the specific data the HHA believes to be inaccurate or the calculation the HHA believes to be incorrect
  • Contact information for a person at the HHA with whom CMS or its agent can communicate about this request, including name, email address, telephone number, and mailing address
  • A copy of any supporting documentation, not containing PHI, the HHA wishes to submit in electronic form
  • Please note, the recalculation request does not apply to errors in data submission since submission requirements for the expanded Model align with the current Confidential Feedback Reports (CFRs).

When can we expect our HHA’s Final IPR?

Once changes are made resulting from an approved recalculation request, the HHA’s Final IPR will be made available in iQIES. Like the Preliminary HHVBP Model IPR, CMS will send an email through the Expanded HHVBP Model listserv, and the iQIES listserv (for registered iQIES users), announcing the availability of the reports in iQIES. All HHAs that received a Preliminary IPR will receive a Final IPR even if the HHA did not submit a recalculation request.


Stay up to date on new CMS information related to HHVBP and OASIS accuracy.

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