Get the Recorded Jan. Quarterly OASIS Update Webinar!

by Elaine Gardner, MS, RN, COS-C, CPHQ, CHPN

January’s Quarterly OASIS Update, held on Wednesday, January 17th, was jam-packed with cutting-edge and need to know information! Here are snippets of each of the topics covered:

  1. CMS OASIS-E1 and the Quarterly OASIS Q&As
    During the update, changes included in the recently released draft of the next OASIS version, OASIS-E1, were highlighted. This version is planned for implementation on January 1, 2025. CMS Guidance for GG OASIS Items
    The multiple assessment strategies that can be used in addition to the preferred method of observation, in order to select the appropriate code for the GG activities.The multiple scenarios that were presented to assist agencies and staff to think through how to accurately code GG OASIS items were a HUGE hit with the audience. This information was especially important and timely because…
  2. The NEW Discharge Function Score measure
    GG OASIS data currently being collected will be included in the Discharge Function Score measure! This is a functional outcome measure scheduled to first appear on the Care Compare Provider Preview report in October 2024 and be publicly reported on Care Compare in January 2025.As the first data being publicly reported on Care Compare includes data that has ALREADY been collected, the audience noted the sense of urgency in getting their staff up to speed with GG item accuracy. During the Quarterly OASIS Update, this new quality measure, just recently added to the HH QRP with the HH CY 2024 Final Rule, was fully dissected and explained.
  3. Health Equity Confidential Feedback Reports (CFRs)
    A unique and thoughtful walk-through of these two new reports was conducted focusing on the perspective of how to view the tables in the reports. Available in your HHA’s iQIES folders as of October 2023, these CFRs report data for two current home health claims-based measures: Discharge to Community (DTC) and Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary (MSPB).
  4. Additional CMS Updates for Home Health
    Also provided during the Update was an overview of the CY 2024 Home Health Final Rule and what was finalized for HH QRP and HHVBP in the November 13, 2023 publication. Updates regarding measure additions and removals in your HHA’s Confidential Feedback Reports and the HHVBP Model resources were also presented.

It’s not too late to receive a recording and the handouts!

To learn more and to facilitate implementation in your HHA, the recording and handouts for the January 2024 Quarterly OASIS Update are available for purchase now. Also, a quick reminder to register for our next Quarterly OASIS Update on April 17, 2024 at 1p ET!


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