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OASIS Answers provides resources, education, and certification to enhance knowledge and competency related to OASIS data collection. We support the education, documentation and clinical needs of post-acute care providers, as well as the organizations and government entities that represent, support, and regulate them.

The Most Up-to-Date OASIS-E Training and Resources

  1. Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy: The most up-to-date OASIS training in an immersive and engaging atmosphere. Attendees can sit alongside peers in this 2-day workshop, ask questions, and learn from top experts in the field. Blueprint is the premier review workshop for home health coding and COS-C exam.
  2. The INSTANT OASIS Answers Book: This popular and updated reference guide contains user-friendly, official Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidance from the Final OASIS-E Guidance Manual. It’s an ideal resource to support compliant OASIS data collection and for use during the COS-C Exam.
  3. Quarterly OASIS Update Webinar: The Quarterly OASIS Update reviews any new OASIS data collection guidance documents, resources, and data set changes from the previous quarter. These live webinars are scheduled to coincide with CMS releases of Q&A updates. Get ahead by learning the newest guidance promptly and directly from the experts at OASIS Answers.

Demonstrate your OASIS expertise with the COS-C Exam

  • Certificate for OASIS Specialist – Clinical (COS-C) Exam: The COS-C exam is the premier test to show your knowledge of CMS’ OASIS guidelines. It demonstrates your expertise and commitment to OASIS data accuracy. The COS-C exam is a voluntary certificate exam for home healthcare providers. It is nationally standardized and psychometrically validated.

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