Quarterly OASIS Update – January 2023

Thank you for purchasing the January 2023 Quarterly OASIS Update offered as a teleconference webinar by OASIS Answers, Inc.  This webinar originally aired,  Wednesday, January 18 2023. 

The recorded version of the webinar can be found by following the link below:


To download the handouts for this session click the links below. When determining which handout files you would like to save and/or print, please note that the Qtrly Q&As and the Application Scenarios are included in both the slide handout and as separate stand-alone documents.

Individual Files:

File One –Presentation Slides

File Two –OASIS-E Change Table

File Three – OASIS-E All Item Instrument

File Four- CMS Quarterly Q&As

File Five – Application Scenarios

Zip File *includes all of the files above