Computer Based Testing

Computer-Based Testing Option

Interested in testing but not able to attend a Paper & Pencil administration? Computer-Based Testing (CBT) is an easy choice.

CBT candidates sit for the same COS-C exam as P&P exam participants. It’s up to you to select a date and make the exam appointment.

Exam Details

CBT exams cost $345 for initial testing and $295 for renewal testing. If it has been more than three years since your last exam, your COS-C designation has lapsed and you will need to pay the initial testing rate.

You can schedule your CBT exam at one of over 300 testing centers around the country. Each assessment center is a certified PSI Services testing facility that adheres to the highest administration standards.

Please watch this 3-minute videoᅠfor a quick overview of what to expect during a PSI test center exam session.

Why Choose a CBT Exam?

  • Receive results immediately
  • Gain scheduling flexibility


If you are unable to test at your originally scheduled appointment time, you may reschedule the exam for free one time, at least two business days before the exam date.

CBT Registration Process

Computer Based Testing



About the COS-C Exam

Learn more about the COS-C exam scope, duration, rules, and intended audience.


Get details about how to prepare for the COS-C exam and view sample test questions.

Attendee Feedback

Active COS-C
Active COS-C

“I am seen as the OASIS expert in our agency, and leadership and field clinicians feel comfortable coming to me with their OASIS questions, knowing that I will get them an answer that is backed-up by published CMS guidance.”

Active COS-C

Long Island, New York

“My COS-C designation has set me apart in my agency, in a good way.”

Active COS-C

Austin, Texas


Exam pricing, refunds, transfers, etc:

– Exam registration fees are non-refundable.
– No refunds or credits are available for exam candidates who do not attend their scheduled exam.
– CREDITS/TRANSFERS: If OAI is notified of inability to test PRIOR to the testing date, candidates will be offered a credit for the full amount of the exam fee.  This credit is good for 12 months.  P&P credit is transferable to another P&P exam date, another candidate, or as partial payment for CBT registration.
– Account credit is forfeited if unused by the end of the 12 month period.

– When you register for a CBT, you have one year to schedule and sit for your exam through PSI.
– No refunds or transfers are available for CBT exams.
– Once you schedule a testing date with PSI, there are no refunds or credits for no-shows.
– You can reschedule your test once without penalty (must be at least 3 business days prior to scheduled testing date) – this is done through PSI.  Failure to keep the second scheduled testing date will result in forfeit of exam registration fee.


When you take the Certificate for OASIS Specialist – Clinical (COS-C) examination you will have access to, or learn, certain information that is and should remain, confidential. This information includes examination questions and scoring. Therefore, you agree when you sign this examination non-disclosure form, to keep strictly confidential any information pertaining to specific examination questions and answer choices, concepts included (or excluded) on the examination, and scoring results, except for our own result which you may disclose as you wish. A violation of this agreement may result in revocation of your COS-C Certificate, if you are awarded one, and/or an assessment for costs incurred by OASIS Answers, Inc. resulting from your breach of this confidentiality agreement, including but not limited to, attorney’s fees, costs to make necessary revisions to the examination questions, re-auditing of the revised exam, and reprinting of examination booklets.

*All exam candidates sign this confidentiality agreement prior to sitting for the examination.


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