COS-C Exam – Paper & Pencil

Baton Rouge, LA

November 06, 2024 / 2 Hour 30 Min

COS-C Exam - Paper & Pencil

Nov 06, 2024


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About the COS-C Exam

The COS-C exam covers current OASIS-E Guidance. If you pass the exam, your COS-C designation will be valid for three years after your testing date.

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At exam check-in time, you must present two forms of identification, one of which must be a valid government-issued ID.

You may bring ANY paper-based OASIS reference materials into the examination, including CMS Core OASIS Documents, OASIS Guidance Manual, CMS OASIS Q&As, the Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy handout, and the Instant OASIS Answers book . Handwritten notes and tabs are allowed.

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