Collecting & Auditing the “M” and “GG” Items: It’s not a Match Game – February 2019

Learn how the “GG” and “M” OASIS-D Function items differ with specific coding tips for each of the new GG items.  Although many of the new “GG” items appear to be the same as the legacy “M” items, they are not identical. Learn to identify the differences to support accurate coding (and auditing!) of these function items.

View on your own schedule with the recorded version of the OASIS Answers, Inc. (OAI) “Just in Time” monthly home health webinar. This webinar was designed to provide the most innovative training to your clinicians, clinical leaders, quality improvement teams and auditors. These sessions will ensure that you are aware of and know how to apply the most recent, most relevant, and most accurate CMS home health information. Monthly topics are based on the issues that are most pertinent to agencies for the month and will be driven by CMS updates or changes that are critical to agency success.  This webinar originally aired February 27, 2019.



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