July 2024 – Quarterly OASIS Update

The Quarterly OASIS Update with OASIS Answers provides a review of any new OASIS data collection guidance documents, resources and data set changes from the previous quarter.  Strategically scheduled to coincide with CMS releases of Q&A updates, get ahead by learning the newest guidance promptly and directly from the OASIS Answers’ experts. Unique application-based scenarios will be presented and reviewed to demonstrate and reinforce the new CMS guidance presented.  Assure that you and your staff are aware of and ready to immediately implement the latest OASIS data collection rules.

After July 17th, your purchase includes access to the recording of the July 17th session. This provides the most flexibility for you and your team to participate and use as a content reference to inform your staff about valuable OASIS updates. The Quarterly OASIS purchase is intended for single-location agency use and allows access for one year. 




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