Pre-Order COS-C Exam Prep Session | Available late January 2022
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Pre-Order COS-C Exam Prep Session | Available late January 2022

The COS-C Exam Prep Session webinar is now available now for pre-order!

Join this recorded two-part exam refresh session with interactive test questions and education organized to mimic the breakdown of the COS-C exam. Participants will respond to mock exam questions followed by a detailed discussion led by OAI's team of experts, identifying correct and incorrect guidance provided in responses. Detailed reference sources are provided for all guidance discussed, creating a post-event study plan that is customized by the participant. All domains of the exam will be represented in the mock exam questions and training.  

Featuring the OASIS Answers Presenter Team:

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Session materials include an Exam Cram Workbook which will be available for download using the webinar platform. The recording is scheduled for January of 2022. *All pre-orders will be notified as soon as the session recording is available.  For orders within the normal registration time period following registration, you will receive a link for access to this program when it becomes available.   You can expect to receive this access link via email within one business day of your registration.


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