2023 OASIS Now Webinar Series
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2023 OASIS Now Webinar Series

The 2023 OASIS Now webinar series is now available!

Take advantage of this bundle of great training tools! Order the three-part OASIS Now Orientation Series webinars (recorded) to learn more about OASIS accuracy tips for the OASIS items that are the greatest concern for agencies. 

OASIS Now is a 3-part OASIS orientation series designed to provide important core foundational OASIS guidance to support an agency’s OASIS orientation and competency program. This streamlined training is based on current OASIS guidance. Each session provides scenarios and rationale for reinforcement and application of teaching points. 

Target audience: OASIS data collectors, educators, and auditors, and reviewers. Want to learn more?  Check out the short video below!


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