Updated OASIS-E Guidance Manual and CMS OASIS Q&As

New OASIS-E Resources Available!

CMS has posted an updated version of the OASIS-E Guidance Manual and associated Change Table in the download section on the OASIS User Manuals website found here: OASIS User Manuals

CMS and an updated version of the CMS OASIS-E OASIS Q&As found here: Home Health Agency (HHA) Providers Reference & Manuals | QIES Technical Support Office (cms.gov)

The updates to both the manual and Q&As incorporate guidance from the July 2022 through October 2023 CMS Quarterly OASIS Q&As. There were no revisions made to the OASIS-E instrument.

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Updated for 2024, this revised CMS OASIS-E Guidance Manual is available from OASIS Answers in a convenient hard copy format. Tab dividers and a sturdy binder make it easy for your team to reference on the job. Manuals will begin shipping November 13, 2023. Learn More


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