Updated Resources for Home Health Quality Measures

by Elaine Gardner, MS, RN, COS-C, CPHQ, CHPN

Updated CMS Home Health Quality Measure Resources

Now available on the CMS Home Health Quality Reporting Program (HHQRP) website are six home health quality measure resources recently updated by CMS. The following documents can be downloaded from the Home Health Quality Measures page:

HH Quality Measure Resource Overview 
  1. Home-Health-Outcome-Measures-Table-OASIS-E_2024 (PDF) 
The three quality measure tables organize the quality measures by the type of measure: Potentially Avoidable Events, Processes, and Outcomes.  The Outcome Measures Table and Process Measure Table were updated in April 2024.  


Each table includes a description of each measure, specifics on the measure numerator, denominator, exclusions, and OASIS items used in the measure  calculation, as applicable. There are also indicators to alert users if an outcome measure is risk-adjusted and indicators that note if a process or outcome measure is reported on Care Compare.    

  1. Home Health Process Measures Table_OASIS-E_2024 (PDF)  


  1. Home Health PAE Measures Table OASIS-E_2024 (PDF) 



  1. Risk Adjustment Technical_Specifications_2024 (PDF) 



This document has been updated from the version effective January 1, 2023, to add: 

1) Risk models for the new Discharge Function Score quality measure, and 

2) Definitions for risk adjustment terms found in this document. 


Note that the risk models, including covariates and coefficients, for the measures other than the new Discharge Function Score measure remain unchanged from the January 1, 2023 version of this document. 


There are two sets of risk models described in this document.  One set updates the prior risk adjustment models after revising the following risk factors to accommodate changes in OASIS-E.  The second set describes the risk factors for Discharge Function Score (DC Function) measure.  

  1. HH_Discharge Function Score_Technical_Report_2024 (PDF) 
  1. DC-Function-Imputation-Appendix-HH (XLSX) 
Updated in March 2024, the Technical Report provides descriptive information on the Discharge Function Score OASIS-based outcome measure and detailed measure specifications.  The DC Function Imputation Appendix HH accompanies the Technical Report, details the imputation covariates for the measure, and lists the model threshold and coefficient values for each of the GG admission and discharge item imputation models. 

We encourage you to check out and share these updated CMS quality measure resources with key stakeholders in your HHA as you review your HHA’s data and implement quality improvement efforts.


Stay up to date on new CMS information related to HHVBP and OASIS accuracy.

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