Why You Should Take the COS-C Exam Now

Are you a healthcare professional interested in demonstrating your commitment to OASIS data accuracy? If so, the Certified OASIS Specialist-Clinical (COS-C) Certificate Exam is the perfect opportunity to show your expertise.

Whether you’re an experienced home healthcare nurse, an occupational therapist, or an administrator of a home health agency, take the exam to set yourself and your staff apart and to give you an advantage in the compliance, quality, and reimbursement functions that are dependent on OASIS accuracy.

Here’s why you should stop what you’re doing and register for the COS-C Exam now.

  1. The COS-C Exam is the most popular credential for home healthcare professionals, with more than 30,000 participants nationwide. The exam assesses a person’s knowledge and understanding of OASIS data, and covers CMS data collection rules including OASIS regulations, data collection time points, OASIS-required populations, data collection conventions, and item-specific guidance.  It’s designed to test your skills and knowledge in data collection rules and ability to apply those rules to patient clinical scenarios to select accurate OASIS responses.
  2. The COS-C Exam is administered by OASIS Answers, was developed and is reviewed and updated by groups of OASIS content experts of varied home healthcare backgrounds and disciplines, under the direction of professional psychometric support. OASIS Answers is devoted to the development and implementation of a fair, valid, and technically sound examination and to the conduct of the psychometric activities important for exam validation and maintenance.
  3. Taking the COS-C Exam fits into your schedule with the option of taking a paper and pencil exam following any of the Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy workshop, or via computer-based testing at one of more than 300 testing centers nationwide.

With all of these factors considered, now is the perfect time to take the COS-C Exam and create a competitive edge for yourself or your agency.

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