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*The COS-C exam currently covers OASIS-D1 Guidance

Remote Online Testing is a viable option for many people who would prefer to take the COS-C Exam in the comfort of their own home. In these unusual times, you have requested the ability to test without travel and we have listened!  So as a temporary option for the upcoming months, Remote Online exam candidates can sit for the same Certificate for OASIS Specialist - Clinical (COS-C) test that is administered at Pencil & Paper (P&P) locations and at Computer-Based Testing Centers. To discover if Remote Online Testing is right for you, please first check the compatibility of your computer to include an Audio/Video Check, Webcam Check and a Systems Check. On the computer that you will use to take the exam, go to this link System Requirements to check compatibility for that device.

Each exam is proctored online by PSI Services adhering to the highest administration standards. Please view this 5-minute video for quick overview of what to expect during a PSI remote online exam session.

If you wish to avoid travel, Remote Online Test is a great choice!


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