5 Features of the INSTANT OASIS Answers Book You May Not Know

You may know the “little brown book” as the quick and ready resource for accurate OASIS coding, but did you know about these additional features?

  1. The OASIS items are organized alpha-numerically in sections. Each section can be identified by color-coded tabs in the page margin. These sections and their corresponding colors are outlined in the Table of Contents in the front of the book.
  2. The page margins also have user-friendly icons to highlight what each OASIS item is used for (e.g., used to calculate an outcome measure, or a process measure, or used in quality measure risk adjustment, or in the Star Rating, or to determine PDGM payment).
  3. There is an entire section toward the back of the INSTANT book dedicated to CMS Q&As that are NOT related to specific OASIS items! Here you’ll find groups of questions and answers related to OASIS topics like “therapy-only cases” or “collaboration”.
  4. A section in the back of the INSTANT book contains valuable CMS references, including the General OASIS Item Conventions AND those Conventions Specific to OASIS M1800 ADL/IADL items, plus a clarifying CMS document “Understanding OASIS Function M and GG Item Coding”.
  5. And if taking the COS-C exam is in your future, there are 25 mock exam questions you can use to prep for this certificate exam.

Now you have 5 more reasons to love your INSTANT OASIS Answers book!


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