About us

OASIS Answers, Inc. (OAI)

OASIS Answers, Inc. (OAI) leads the home health care industry in providing consulting and training relating to care practice, quality and patient assessment including compliant OASIS data collection.

OASIS Answers, Inc. is a team of experienced nursing and therapy professionals who concentrate their skills, experience and passion to meet the needs of clients at the state association, federal government, quality improvement organization, private industry, and individual provider levels.

The OAI team has proven experience demonstrating unparalleled excellence in creative educational approaches improving provider and patient outcomes by integrating OASIS item education with quality improvement strategies.


The company was established in 1994 by Linda H. Krulish, PT MHS COS-C as Home Therapy Services, providing consulting and training nationally, and delivering contracted therapy services to a number of Medicare certified agencies.

To better reflect the focus of our work and expertise, in 2004 the company name was changed to OASIS Answers, Inc. This corporate name change and focus supports our belief that OASIS data and its accuracy have become central to critical industry needs including patient assessment, interdisciplinary collaboration, patient and agency outcomes, quality improvement, reimbursement, and survey compliance.


The mission of OAI is to support the education, documentation and clinical needs of home health providers, and organizations who represent and regulate them.

We recognize the resource limitations and challenges facing the home care industry. The OAI team is committed to creating and providing programs and tools that simplify the rules, promote compliance, support best practice and result in achievement of excellent outcomes.